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Sonic Cheer 20

Cheer’s Speech Variable Processing platform preserves the soft and loud sounds that differentiate words and enhance speech clarity.

Sonic Cheer 40

Cheer uses noise-reducing strategies, even in difficult listening situations. The Cheer 40 adds an adaptive directional microphone system.

Sonic Enchant

Enchant exhibits the best of sound of our available products. Find an outstanding listening experience to match individual lifestyles and hearing needs.

Hearing Evaluation

If you suspect your hearing might be impaired, we can do an on-site evaluation. Call for appointment.

In-Office Repair

We have equipment on-site to make most repairs.

Factory Repair

If necessary, we can send your equipment to the factory for repair.

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Exclusive hearing aid discounts for Veterans

We are offering a $100 discount for each hearing aid purchased by a military veteran (or spouse of a military veteran). Hearing aids can be expensive, but with our already low prices and this discount, you can have first class hearing aids for as low as $499.00.

Call 806.355.9957 to schedule a hearing test. Once you have been tested and fitted for hearing aids, all you need do is present your (or your spouse's) military ID card or discharge papers.


About Us

We carry the finest hearing aids at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional providers pass their higher costs of doing business on to you, often at 10 times the markup or more. Because we have a direct relationship with manufacturers, we can offer the same products at a fraction of the cost, and will never take advantage of our position to abuse our customers. That's our promise to you.

Best Support

We are there for you when you need us, by phone or email. Call or write and we promise to get back to you fast.

In-House Experts

Our in-house experts ensure that you will receive the latest technology tuned to your needs.

Risk Free

We are so sure that you'll be satisfied with our service and hearing aids, that we will allow you to use them for 45 days, risk free.

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When hearing with clarity matters, you need a hearing device you can count on.